Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Delicacy of Cobweb Style Wet Felting - Naturally Beautiful Handmade Treasures!

Although I've been too tired to wet felt lately due to my pregnancy. (Okay, the truth is that I haven't wet felted in months, and it is driving me a little crazy to be this non-creative!) I'm just now starting to come out of that "I feel like a slug phase" of my pregnancy and am wanting to begin some new projects soon - hopefully very soon!

One of those wet felting projects that I want to try is cobweb style felt. For a while now, I have been admiring the beautiful delicacy of cobweb felt. It is light and lacy in nature and looks like a wonderful style for a Spring scarf or shawl. I also think that cobweb style felt has the potential for creating an intriguing art piece. I must admit that the process and nature of handmade cobweb felt do intimidate me a bit - it appears so very fragile! It will probably take me several tries to get to the consistency and look that I want, but others' results that I've seen are exquisite. Perhaps by the time that I am feeling fully myself again and energized for wet felting, I will have the patience and courage to attempt a cobweb felt project. Until then, I have been browsing the internet for inspiration. I'm in awe and admiration of my talented fellow feltmakers.

Feast your eyes on this gorgeous cobweb scarf and matching bangle by Nicola Brown of Clasheen (clasheen of Etsy). It has a wispy style and grace and drapes the model wonderfully. You can find more photos of her felted creations in her Flickr gallery. She has a wide array of works to share. You can also find out more about her and her daily happenings on her blog - it is a real fiber artist's treasure!

This lovely scarf makes me think of Spring and the smell of lilacs - it must be the splendid lavender color! The cobweb felted treasure was created by Shunklies (shunklies on Etsy). It is a beautiful blend of merino wool and linen. It looks as light as air, but has such dramatic impact as an accessory. For more photos, please visit Shunklies' Flickr gallery. There is also some yummy kettle dyed top to see too!

I admit that these two examples are very high expectations to live up to when trying to create cobweb felt for the first time, but I just had to share with you. They are both fine examples of what is possible with this style of wet felting. Until my energy is back to normal, I will continue to look at beautiful examples like these on the internet for inspiration. Eventually, I will give the process a try myself and hopefully have some photos of my creations to show you.

If you'd like to create cobweb felt, here are some online resources:
Cobweb Felt by Jill Gully of Outback Fibers
Information about Cobweb Felt on the Feltmaker's List by Pat Spark


  1. Can't wait to see your results-the pictures you posted make me want to try it too. I'll be back to follow your links.

  2. ooh these are lovely examples of cobweb felt!

    i've tried it a couple of times now - once for a scarf which didn't turn out very cobwebby!

    and then once for an overlay for a painting that my other half was doing and this turned out much better, it's difficult to start with though as i found it hard to think 'thin' rather than layers of thick felt.

    good luck, you'll really enjoy it, look forward to seeing your pics :)

  3. That style of felting is truly beautiful and full (pun intended?) of possibilities...BUT please realize that you are in the ultimate process of creation right now and give yourself a little break ;)


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