Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Handmade Nuno Felted Curtain Valances are Up!

On Monday, I had a bit of time to sit and sew on some loop backings for my handmade nuno felted curtain valances. Last week, I had posted photos of them just after I had completed wet felting them. Today, they are hung nicely in the nursery. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a really great photo of them. I tried a couple of times, but the lighting in the baby's room is not very good. Hopefully, you can see how the light shines through the fabric and shows the texture and different shades of pink. I like their asymmetry too. My husband said that they looked like they belong in a kid's room which I will take as a complement. They do look much better in person though!

I also wanted to thank Jill of Cream City Studio for emailing me her wonderful ideas for hanging curtain valances. Her email was very kind and encouraging, and her photo examples were lovely. You can see her felted valances here and here. She had suggested cutting slits in the valance top to string through a curtain rod. This is a wonderfully easy way to hang felted valances, but my valances weren't long enough to bunch and drape so I opted to attach some simple thread loops to the back. Next time, if I attempt any more curtain valances, I will make them longer and try Jill's suggestion for hanging them. Thanks Jill!

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