Monday, July 20, 2009

A Handmade Felted Wool Hat is waiting for the Baby's arrival which is hopefully soon!

I began to make the baby a felted wool hat for this winter several weeks ago. Since I created it through a process of needle felting first, then finally wet felting at the last stage, I was able to work on it at my leisure and decorate it when I had the time and the will to do so. I finally finished it this weekend. Although I didn't use any kind of pattern or precise sizing method (mostly a guessing game this time around), I think that it is just the right size to fit her in the winter when she will need it. I've made quite a few adult size hats, but this is the first baby size hat that I've made. I'd like to make her a few more handcrafted hats as well as some felted wool booties to match. For now, her teddy bear is keeping watch over this hat and wearing it until she arrives.


  1. The hat is adorable! Make sure you take pictures of your baby in the hat, that time will be here before you know it. One of my favorite baby pics of my oldest son is him with a little hat on.

  2. Such a cute hat! Best wishes for a safe and happy birth.

  3. Oh Sis, I love the hat! It is adorable. The ONLY thing that can improve it is to put it on your own little baby bear! I can't wait to see that picture.
    <3 Angie


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