Monday, January 25, 2010

What are your most and least favorite Artsy Craftsy Forums out there in Cyberland?

There are a LOT of forum venues out there on the world wide web.  It really seems endless.  I do find forums to be helpful though.  Let me clarify: if you know where to go and have a good question or keywords to search, you can really find wonderful information and wonderful people to communicate with.  On the flip side, some forums are not worth my time any more, and sometimes there are forums which can be a little hostile in nature no matter what you post and who responds.

So.... I am asking you, yes Y-O-U, what forums do you like most and frequent, and perhaps, if you are brave enough to share, what forums do you like least or find least helpful?  Please leave a comment with your answer or post it to your own blog and leave a link in the comments.  (You might even ask your own readers what they think.)  Inquiring minds (okay so maybe just me) want to know.

Here's my answer for ya...
Bestest ever forums that I either frequent often or find very helpful... - just love it for all kinds of great fiber info and swell people too. - although I don't frequent it very often anymore, it is a great resource for small arts/crafts businesses and women in business. - this one is private because it is my local Kansas City area Etsy team, but I really love the forum that we have and the group itself.

Then there's.... - Etsy's forum... uh, well, I use to absolutely love it.  I still find it quite useful to search for great information, but I don't post there like I use to.  I find the atmosphere to be mean-spirited now, and I often feel like I am being picked on.  It makes me sad.  I am not putting it on my "least" list because I really don't have any forums that I feel are a complete waste of time, but I would put it on my "be cautious" list for others.

and... - ArtFire's forum... like the rest of ArtFire, it has great features and is very easy to participate in.  I honestly haven't been there that long so I don't have a strong opinion either way, but so far so good...

There you have my list...  What about yours?


  1. Hi, I hope all is going well in feltland and with your wee one ;)
    Thanks for the felting forum heads up, it looks great, especially the tutorials!
    I'm a tad lazy with forums so I don't have much to offer at the moment.

  2. Ugh. From reading the exchange there is one other element you might not have taken into account: you may both technically speak the same language but you do NOT share the same culture. Brits say/write and do a lot of things by implication (i.e. "People should be smart enough to figure it out, otherwise they're just Americans!" - actual Britquote.)
    While legally you can't do much about them, in this case you aren't harmed, most likely - and you might just score some international business as a result of their choices!


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