Monday, January 25, 2010

A UK felting group calling themselves Funky Felters...

Well, over the weekend, I received a very flattering email from someone asking me if I would be attending a fiber event in the UK as a vendor.  The person sending the email was very sweet and even joined my mailing list (Thank you!).  Although, I was puzzled by all this so I checked out the event's website.  Apparently, there is a felting group in the UK called Funky Felters that is on their exhibitor's list.  I contacted them about the mix up, but they unfortunately don't have an online presence and couldn't or wouldn't change their exhibitor's listing to clarify who they are.

If you found this post while searching for them, you found me instead (the funky felter)!  If that is the case, then please click on the link above to get the UK Funky Felters group contact information.  And, if you happen to enjoy felting or love all things fiber, you might check out my website along the way.  Thanks!

(FYI - This post was changed from the original, longer article to this version on 1/27/10.  I personally felt that it wasn't necessary anymore to leave the original post up.  Also, most of the comments pertain to the original post.)


  1. Hey Funky Felter :o)...while I totally feel your pain, unless you are suffering damages, legal action won't get you anywhere (not to mention jurisdiction issues) If you were spending hours a day fielding requests, yes, you are suffering as a result. Pointing one,or even ten people in the right direction (or ignoring them, which is a real option) is another story. The fact that they are a small unregistered group, they are likely not to even have a link to direct people and may not be interested in having one. people looking for them and finding you instead is a detriment to them so their loss. Annoying, yes, worth loosing sleep? I would say, no. All the Best!

  2. I understand your frustration, and don't think you are being at all unreasonable to ask them to clarify a little more.
    You haven't come across badly in this post so I wouldn't worry about losing friends over it. We are all allowed to vent our frustrations, and you have done it in a well mannered way.
    I hope is all doesn't cause you too much bother over the coming months!

  3. I don't think it's unreasonable that you asked for some clarification in their blurb concerning their group and the event in question.

    I think when people read your post, it just accentuates that there's a real living, breathing and -feeling- person behind your business. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing, especially in the handcraft market.

  4. Hi Shalana, Ive just been along to the Wonderwool website (Im in the UK & hoping to be visit WW anyway). On the exhibitor list, if the person had clicked on the `Funky Felters` there are names, a contact address in Wales a phone no & an email addy... so unless this was added after your emails really there should of been no reason for the person to of contacted you... hopefully that`ll be the last time it happens.

    Try not to worry about it.
    p.s. I dont know the group by the way, as a UK felter I just wanted go take a nose ;o)

  5. My felty sympathies...

    I'm like you, I would have totally freaked out. We put so much of our hearts & souls & money into having businesses. It does sounds like they understand this, and are making the effort!!

  6. Thanks for all the concern and comments! After a couple of days to cool off and realize that this is one of those "don't sweat the small stuff!" moments, I decided to change my post to reflect better how I feel and who I am normally - not how I react when I'm irritated and frustrated. Thanks again for caring :O) Now I need to focus my attention on some actual feltmaking and not on the petty details of the business side of things.


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