Thursday, February 04, 2010

Hand Dyed Silk for Your Handmade Nuno Felting & Other Fiber Arts Now Available in My Shops!

Well, I finished dyeing and putting together my collections of silk sooner than I expected. Yay!  I now have three collections available for purchase as supplies in my online shops at Etsy and ArtFire. Each collection was hand dyed in limited quantities; therefore, I only have a few sets of each kind available for sale. When they are gone, they are gone, and I will move on to making new fabulous colorway collections.

My current hand dyed silk collections (left to right in the photo):
  • Stormy Desert - a light tan, dark brown, and blue-purple colorway
  • Carnival Snow Cones - a bright blue, yellow, and pink colorway
  • All the Queen's Jewels - a deep red, blue, and green colorway

Each collection includes three long strips (approximately 4" x 54" each) plus a small bonus bag of several mini silk fibers.  The strips are all top quality 100% silk gauze.  The smaller pieces are a variety of top quality 100% silk gauze, chiffon, organza, and habotai in assorted colors and sizes.  All pieces are hand dyed by me with professional grade acid dyes.  They are also hand cut; therefore, they have un-hemmed, slightly irregular shaped edges.  The collection comes nicely packaged and labeled.

The many possible uses of my silk collections...
  • Nuno Felting - the combining of fine wool and silk to make a luxurious fabric
  • Spinning Add-ins - cut pieces to add into your hand spun wool for texture and color
  • Applique & Piece Work - cut out shapes and apply onto other fabrics or stitch together
  • Embroidery & Needlepoint - use the vibrant silk fabric as a base for your small stitching projects
  • Scrapbooking & Card Making - stitch the silk directly onto your paper scrapbook pages or cards

As a feltmaker and fiber artist, I personally use this silk for my nuno felting projects and have been dyeing my own silk for many years now.  You can see some examples of my nuno felted creations as well as more photos of my dyed silk at my flickr account.

For complete details on each silk collection colorway, please visit one of my online shops and check out the individual product listings.  You can also feel free to contact me!

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