Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ever wonder how many links there are in cyberspace to your blog or who's linking to it? Now you can find out...

If you'd like to know who's linking to your blog or website, there's a nifty little search page offered by Yahoo that will let you know.  It is very interesting to find out...  According to the search that I did for my own blog, there's over 2,000 InLinks.  That was a pleasant surprise indeed.

If you'd like to know about your own blog or website, simply go to Yahoo's Site Explorer, type in your site's address, and click on the "Explore URL" gold search bar.   Once it brings up the results, you will click on the "InLinks" button under the Results area.  A list will come up of the most recent links to your site.

FYI, this can also be a useful advertising/marketing tool because you can not only use it to explore who is linking to your own blog/website, but you can also use it to see who is linking to other (i.e. competitors) blogs/websites.  It is a good way to see who is interested in your particular types of handmade products by researching your own site as well as others. 

Also, you can see similar results if you use Google Analytics on your blog/website (which I highly recommend), but with Yahoo's Site Explorer, you can see your own statistics as well as others very easily.  It is nice to have that option available for market research purposes.

It just occurred to me that, in some ways, it is rather disturbing to think that you can so easily see information like this about a competitor's website, but on the other hand, I have begun to learn that if you choose to put it on the net, it will be seen sometime in someway... in this case, I figure you might as well use it for positive reasons... and, well, it is just fun to see who's linking to who!


  1. Very interesting info. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great tip! I just tried it. I have a list of blogs that I follow and comment when I have something to say... only a small handful of them show up in the visible linkbacks. I assume the rest of them must have nofollow links. Very interesting. t is amazing how many blogs have nofollow in their linkbacks! Very useful! Now I have a list of blogs I like to read that are useful to link at... much shorter list.


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