Monday, May 24, 2010

I want a copy of this book soooooo badly!

After seeing Andrea Graham's post about it on Facebook, I looked up the book 1,000 Artisan Textiles: Contemporary Fiber Art, Quilts, and Wearables. Now I'm drooling over the sample pages that I saw on its Amazon listing. It looks like it is filled with wonderful felted creations - such awe inspiring photos!! I'd love to get my hands on a copy for my collection of felting books.

Although, with diapers, formula, etc., on the top of the list to buy right now, I think that I'll have to wait just a little while, but someday it will be mine!


  1. Did you put it on your Amazon wish list? Maybe some fan will buy it for you :) I wish I could but all my money is going to the grand-kids :)

  2. Hi Shalana! This is a wonderful book! I'm drooling with you! I also looked up Andrea Graham - oh my gosh, what a felter!!! I'd love to own one of her pieces, too.

  3. Imagine that - seeing someone else posting about this book! I'm in it .. I haven't seen it yet and am waiting - rather impatiently :) for my order to arrive. I'm off to Amazon to see what I can see.

  4. Linda, I don't have an Amazon wish list, but it is a great idea - especially for my husband who always seems rather clueless as to what to buy me on special occasions. Perhaps I should help him get a clue... ;O)

    Connie, I LOVE Andrea's work - so inspiring!

    Dana, Congrats!! I'll have to look for your work in it... that is when I can get a copy :)

  5. oh, yes, that books looks fabulous! it's going on my christmas list (only 7 months away!).

    thanks for stopping by ww today, shalana — you are so supportive and wonderful. and, speaking of wonderful, look at that fiber princess... could she get any cuter? i think not! :) xoxo

  6. Kim, it may be Christmas before I get a copy... or at least my birthday in November, but I will eventually get a copy ;O) And, thanks for your kind words!! very encouraging and much appreciated :)


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