Monday, September 20, 2010

Handmade Felted Play Hat with a Flower Theme

In the midst of everything, I have found some time to do a little feltmaking!  Hoorah!  I recently went to a local felting guild meeting (my first one) and really enjoyed myself.  They pick a theme for each month.  Then they share their needle or wet felted creations with one another at the next month's meeting.  September's theme is flowers.  I was very happy to have a focus for my felting.  I think it has helped me to find time to create things again and given me a little inspiration.  In the photo above you can see my handmade felted wool hat being worn by my lovely daughter, Rowynn, while she plays with a bin of my needle felted flowers, hearts, geodes, and other beads.  The hat is a bit big on her and a bit snug on me so I have deemed it a play hat, and she loves to wear it around the house.  It has a flower on top and pointy cut out petals that make the hat itself a flower of sorts.  It is all corriedale wool.  I made it through a combination of needle felting and wet felting.  Although I don't have as much freedom in the variety of shape of my hats with needle felting the bases, I have found that it is easier time-wise for me to needle felt first, and then wet felt the hats to finish them out.  I did come across this wonderful pointy needle felted hat form though and want to purchase it soon.  My existing foam hat forms are ones that I've crafted from combining a pillow bolster and foam pad.  They work just fine, but I'd like to have some more variety.  Below are some photos of the process and some more of Rowynn in the hat.  I've also made an alpaca/wool mix hat that I've yet to embellish and photograph so hopefully I can get that finished and share it soon.


  1. Very cute! (Both the hat and the model.)

  2. Your daughter is sweet. A hat made of wet and needle felting is good for a trial.

  3. I love the pictures the hat is so pretty and so is the cutie sporting it;)Hugs Darcy

  4. Hi I just found your blog! Love the hat and the adorable model!!
    I'm a fiber artist who makes hooked rugs with wool.
    Check out my blog too!

  5. my goodnesss!

    How big is your felting needle?

    It loks very comfy too.

  6. the hat is as sweet and wonderful as your daughter's sweet and wonderful...everything! And getting into the felting life at such a perfect age!
    there's a lifelong love of crafting already on its way!

  7. I love the bright, vivid colors that you used on the hat!

  8. These colors make my heart sing!


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