Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hoot! Hoot! I'm Cute!

Giant Felted Wool Ball Owl Craft for Autumn

dress up a wet felted wool ball with craft felt cutouts for this funky fall ornament

giant felt ball hoot own diy craft tutorial

In the past two weeks, the temperatures have been dropping little by little here in southern Missouri. There's also been a moisture in the air and briskness as you step outside. Sure signs that Fall is coming! Although I was thankful for summer here after a long snow-filled winter, I am more of a Fall weather kind of girl. I can respectably wear my sweat pants and long sleeve t-shirts. And, being a fiber crafter at heart, it also sparks me to dig my hands into all kinds of fibers from wool to fabrics to burlap. Fall has always been a magical time of year for me and instantly lifts my spirits.

If you are a subscriber to my little craft blog, then you hopefully got my Gigantic Felted Wool Ball craft tutorial in your inbox last week. That's what I used as a base for this cutie pie DIY owl ornament. So to get started, you'll need to click on over to those DIY instructions and make one or a few of those giant felted balls to turn into owls like the one above. I used orange wool roving for mine, but you can, of course, make a variety of owl colors. (Picking colors is part of the fun!)

MATERIALS (not including the felted ball base):

Craft felt sheets or scraps in white, black, dark brown and dark yellow
Hot glue gun with glue sticks
1/8 inch wide brown satin ribbon
Sharp scissors and pencil
Round cookie cutters: 2-1/2 inch wide for wings, 2 inch wide for body, 1-1/8 inch wide for outer eyes and 5/8 inch wide for center eyes


You can use a compass for the circles listed above or freehand cut all the shapes - do what works best for you! I used the cookie cutters for convenience. Make your owl have a quirky personality, and if kids are involved, they'll especially like improvising the shapes and colors.


1. Using the cookie cutters (or whatever you have on hand), cut the following shapes for your owl: 

  • 2 white 1-1/8 inch circles for the outer eyes
  • 2 black 5/8 inch circles for the center eyes
  • 1 dark brown 2 inch wide circle for the body
  • 1 dark yellow 2-1/2 inch wide circle for the wings, then cut it in half
  • freehand cut 1 dark yellow triangle (about 1 inch wide) for the beak

giant felt wool ball owl craft tutorial materials

diy felt owl craft using a felted wool ball and felt craft sheet cutouts

2. Using hot glue, attach the shapes to the side of your giant felted wool ball. First place the dark brown body circle. Then the dark yellow triangle beak. Followed by the white outer and black center eye circles. Finally attach the dark yellow half circle wings last facing inward at the bottom outer edge of each white eye circle as seen in the photo. (I wedged my wings slightly under each eye corner.)

3. Cut two 8 inch lengths of brown ribbon. Tie one into a small bow and loop the other piece, knotting the end. First glue on the looped ribbon, knotted end next to the wool ball, centered above the eyes. Then attach the small bow at the base of the loop covering the knot. Trim bow ribbon ends at a pretty angle.

That's it! You're all done and have a cutie hootie in your hand! Hang it, gift it or throw it (after all, it is a ball). Whatever you do with it, I bet you'll want to make a few more. I already do. My little owl needs a buddy or two, therefore, you'll be seeing some other felt ball critter tutorials in the near future here on the blog so be sure to subscribe. I can't help but think this would also be a great Fall craft activity for a girl scout troupe, youth group or class party. It would be a hoot to see a bunch of little felt ball owls lined up (sorry, I couldn't resist). Happy crafting!

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