Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Handmade Burlap and Felt Flower Fall Wreath

Fall is in the air! Can you smell it? 

I'm a busy bee decorating for Fall with Felt & Burlap!

handmade burlap and felt flower fall wreath decor

I think we are finally thrown into full-blown Autumn weather here in southern Missouri, and I love it! 60 degree days and chilly nights - just fitting for sweat pants and hot tea. My husband and daughter have been thankfully patient with my frenzy to make Fall crafts these past couple of weeks while the weather has abruptly turned. It must have sparked something inside of me to create. As someone who enjoys fiber crafts so much, it seems like this time of year is perfect for working with felt, wool and other dense fabrics.

Today, I just wanted to share my first big Fall craft creation - a felt flower and burlap wreath. This one hangs by my door on the back porch. I have plans to make a few more for indoors and for gifts. The wreath base was made very inexpensively from a pool noodle. You can find that craft tutorial here. And, the felt flowers are another cheap project that are easy to make by the dozen. You can find that craft tutorial here. Put it all together, wrapped in some burlap and hot glued in place of course, and you have a pretty Fall wreath!

burlap wrapped wreath with cheap and easy pool noodle base

You'll be seeing at least a few more Fall crafts coming up in the next few weeks so please be sure to check back in or subscribe to receive my posts in your inbox.

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