Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Fall Fellowship Craft Party

Church Craft Party for Autumn

Fall wreath making for local ladies' fellowship & friendship!

fall wreaths created at a church craft party and ladies fellowship

So if you have been keeping up with my blog posts, you've probably caught on that I'm a bit obsessed with wreath making. From making pool noodle bases to covering them in burlap for Autumn, I have been a busy beaver creating wreath after wreath along with many other Fall decorations. I share these projects here on my blog, but I often times share them on my personal Facebook account too. That's where I usually put my first in-process photos to for close friends - old college buddies, church friends and others I personally know. 

Recently I happened to mention how fun it would be to do a wreath-making party when posting some in-process craft photos there. To my surprise, there was quite a bit of interest, and just this past weekend, myself and the ladies at my church organized a super neat fellowship craft party to make Fall themed wreaths from pool noodle bases. Check out the fruits of our (very fun!) labor in the photo above. 

The church ladies enjoyed it so much that we are all planning a monthly get-together craft party with different themes each time. Our craft parties are open to all making it a fun way to connect with local ladies. I'm really looking forward to making things, but moreover, I'm looking forward to making friends and getting to know people in my church and community better. 

Have you ever done a craft party at church or with your community? How did it go and what did you make? 

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