Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Handmade Crocheted Snowman Patterns

Meet My Autumn Snowman Sisters! 

handmade crochet snowman with FREE pattern

free crochet snowman patterns by the funky felter

Yesterday I posted about how to easily sculpt carrot noses and button eyes from polymer clay. And prior to that, I had posted about accidentally stuffing many of my crocheted snowmen wrong side out. Ooops! Well, I decided to get past all that and just decorate my little army of snowmen and have fun with it.

This set of "sisters" is part of my snowman army that I decided to decorate with cuts of old felted sweaters. I've had a couple bags full of felted wool sweaters for, well, probably years now. I've used bits and pieces of them over the years on different projects. This orange felted wool screamed to me Autumn so I stitched up some simple cone hats and cut strips for scarves. Dressing up these ladies was as much fun as originally crocheting them. Now I have to decide whether to keep them for myself or make them a handmade gift for someone else.

Would you like to make some snowman "sisters" of your own? I used this easy amigurumi snowman pattern by Red Heart for the taller 3-tiered snowman and adapted it slightly. My adaptations included using a magic ring for the beginning and adding a couple of rounds to the bottom ball. I also used cotton yarn and a size G/6 (4mm) hook instead of what's recommended on the crochet pattern. You could use the original pattern as-is and get great results. I personally like to experiment and create new versions - gives each snowman a personality!

For the shorter snowman "sister", I adapted the pattern quite a lot more and made something brand new - a bit too much to explain in a sentence or two so I'm outlining the new crochet pattern below - absolutely free for you to give it a try!

Crochet materials needed:
Size G/6 hook
White cotton yarn
Scissors & Polyfill (or comparable stuffing)

Note: Work in continuous rounds throughout the pattern. I recommend using a stitch marker to mark the beginning of each round for tracking them as you go more easily.

Make a magic ring, 6 sc into ring and pull tight. 
Rnd 1: 2 sc in each st. around (12 sts.)
Rnd 2: [sc in next st., 2 sc in next st.] around (18 sts.)
Rnds 3-7: sc in each st. around (18 sts.)
Rnd 8: sc2tog around (decrease to 9 sts.)
Rnd 9: 2 sc in each st. around (increase to 18 sts. to start the body)
Rnd 10: [sc in next 2 sts., 2 sc in next st.] around (24 sts.)
Rnd 11-17: sc in each st. around (24 sts.)
Note: At this point, I recommend you flip the snowman right side out if you prefer it that way. I left mine wrong side out. Then stuff it with polyfill before starting the decreases in the next rows. Also, if it becomes difficult to decrease down to the 3 sts. in Rnd 20, you can stop in the previous Rnd, tighten and tie off. I like to decrease as far as possible personally, but do what works for you!
Rnd 18: sc2tog around (decrease to 12 sts.)
Rnd 19: sc2tog around (decrease to 6 sts.)
Rnd 20: sc2tog around (decrease to 3 sts.)
Tie off and weave in ends.

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Disclaimer: I have no advertising affiliation at this time with Red Heart. My opinions are my own. I share because I like what I do and appreciate a good free crochet pattern!

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