Friday, January 22, 2016

Easy Needle Felted Valentine Heart Tutorial Using a Cookie Cutter

Are you Needle Felting a gift for your Valentine this year? Here's a "heart" felt idea for you! 

Quick and Easy Needle Felted Heart Craft Tutorial for Valentine's Day

I hand felted this quick and easy sweet little heart shaped pouch a while ago as a how-to project for a master's degree class assignment (yes, I even managed to fit some needle felting into my higher ed work somehow!). We were assigned the task to come up with a short lesson plan demonstrating how to do something along with all the accompanying materials to go with it. I had even filmed a short video demonstrating this needle felted craft which has gotten lost somewhere along the way so you'll just have to settle for the step-by-step photo tutorial instead. 

Find the full article on how to needle felt this heart pouch here along with a downloadable printable of the instructions. It is a very quick and easy beginner needle felting project using a cookie cutter as a guide. You simply felt two hearts first and join them with a bit of needle felting around the bottom edges. Then add some embellishments like the polka dots and a little note or candy inside. You cold even stitch on a pretty ribbon for a felted hanging ornament. 

Hope your Valentine's day gift planning and possibly needle felting projects are going well for you!

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