Thursday, October 02, 2008

Are you buying or making handmade for the Holidays? Super special handcrafted Holiday gifts are the best!

Since October has arrived and Halloween is right around the corner, soon followed by Thanksgiving, I have finally started to think about Holiday gifts for this year.  I bought almost all handmade presents for last year's Christmas.  Honestly, I got mixed reviews from my extended family, but I think it is because they are accustom to getting commercialized products as gifts.  This year, I plan to stick to my pledge to buy handmade though.  Except for a few items, I plan to buy mainly handmade presents or make presents myself.

One thing that I've done to encourage others to do the same is to make a Holiday Shopping Guide on my main website.  It features a wide variety of top quality handcrafted items from artists and crafters worldwide.  There are only 56 participating Etsy sellers to hopefully make it easier to browse through their fabulous shops.  Please click on over and take a peak at the featured shops and sites.  I am really pleased with the diverse and unique products that are showcased there, and I'm also pleased with how the overall guide turned out.

Now, my question to you is . . .
Are you buying or making handmade gifts for the Holidays?
And, have you already begun your quest to buy or make Holiday presents?
Please do share in the comments . . . I'd love to know!


  1. I don't think I can go 100%, unless someone on Etsy is making GPS systems, DVD's and CD's. But I plan to buy as many handmade item as I can.

  2. I've been trying to give handmade as much as possible for the past few years. This year, I've already started trading (love barter...the true handmade economy!) for gifts. The only problem I face is that I want to keep everything for myself. LOL :D


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