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Quick & Easy Pouch Ornament DIY Tutorial

Make Mini Hanging Paper Treat Bags for the Christmas Tree

Fill them with wrapped candies, small toy favors or even gift cards!

Paper Pouch Ornament DIY Tutorial

Do you have a bunch of coworkers, kid's teachers or classmates, fellow Bible study members or just a big group of acquaintances to give some little Christmas gifts to? Or maybe you need to fill a display tree with some uniquely cute ornaments. I believe these super quick & easy treat pouches could be your answer. 

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You can create several of these in a flash with time to spare for stuffing them too! Don't forget to get the kids involved!

Paper Pouch Ornament DIY Tutorial materialsMATERIALS:

4.5 x 6.5 inch piece of card stock
Pencil and ruler
Decorative edge scissors (optional)
Hole punch
Glue stick (or adhesive runner)
1/4-inch wide ribbon for handle
Sticky back ribbon, paper trim or other embellishments

CRAFTY TIPS:  The easiest way to make several of these at once is to use a colorful 4.5 x 6.5 inch scrapbooking mat stack. Make a larger pouch by using a larger size rectangle base. And, you can experiment with your base too by using stiffened felt, corrugated cardboard or some other sturdy material to create the pouch.


Step 1
Fold the card stock in half lengthwise. (If it is patterned, be sure the pattern faces out.) While folded in half, use decorative scissors to cut the unfolded edges. Unfold card stock with inside facing up. Measure about 1/2 inch from each long edge and draw lines on each side to mark it. Fold over and unfold to crease the paper on the drawn lines. Then cut a 1/2 inch slit along the center creased line to where it meets the side creased lines. Now you've created two sets of flaps on the sides.

Paper Pouch Ornament DIY Tutorial step 1

Step 2
Fold one set of flaps (opposite each other) inward. Apply the glue stick to the back of the folded flaps. Then fold the flaps forward to meet the inside of the opposite half of the card stock rectangle. Press and hold in place for a few seconds until the glue dries. Now you've created the interior of the little pouch.

Paper Pouch Ornament DIY Tutorial step 2

Step 3
Apply the glue stick to the other set of flaps. Fold them onto the back of the pouch. Press and hold in place until the glue dries. (If needed, you can use paper clips to hold the flaps in place while they dry and work on making the next little pouch.) Use a standard hole punch to make a hole in each upper corner of the pouch.

Paper Pouch Ornament DIY Tutorial step 3

Step 4
For the handle, cut about an 8 inch long piece of ribbon. Thread each end through a hole starting at the back of the pouch. Double knot each end on the front side of the pouch and trim the ends at angles. Add a line of sticky back ribbon, paper trim or other fun embellishments to decorate the pouch. You could also add a name to personalize it or a gift tag sticker.

Paper Pouch Ornament DIY Tutorial for Christmas

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