Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Handmade Happy Fall Y'all Weathered Wood Sign

Hand Painted "Happy Fall Y'all" Yard Sign 

Create this Southern themed, hand painted sign on weathered wood!

happy fall yall weathered wood handmade yard sign for fall

Now that we officially live farther south, I can finally use the very grammatically incorrect word "Y'all" again and make this adorable sign inspired by something I saw on Pinterest. I couldn't have ever gotten away with this living in Wisconsin, but southern Missouri is just slightly still Midwestern with a lot of Southern tendencies so it fits quite perfectly here. 

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My dad and grandpa before him are all loggers on that side of the family so I am blessed with an abundance of different types of wood whenever I need them for crafts. My dad cut a bunch of sweet weathered wood planks for me to make yard signs and other handmade crafts with for this Fall and all the way into the (closer than you think!) Christmas craft season. This is my first attempt using the wood and I am thrilled with my new yard sign.

I sketched out the "Happy Fall Y'all" letters and basic pumpkin shape in white chalk. Then I freehand painted the design with an assortment of bright oranges, browns and a lime green. This was the fun part getting to experiment and test out my painting skills after a while of not holding a brush. I have a few other creative Autumn themed signs planned as well as a couple of Christmas signs if I can get around to making them. 

chalk outlines on weathered wood for painting a handmade sign

If you are painting on weathered wood, chalk works well for outlining. I also took my yard broom and brushed each piece off thoroughly, but you don't need to get them super clean - the paint will go right over dusty spots with no problem. Using a lot of paint on your brush helps to get it into all the textured grooves. You won't have perfect edges, but that's the fun of using such pretty weathered wood in your crafts. Happy crafting!

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