Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fascinating Handmade Needle Felted Critters! Some New-to-Me Fiber Artists that are Talented with a Felting Needle and some Wool!

I was recently browsing flickr for needle felted wool critters when I came across a few fiber artists who are very talented with felting needles. I just wanted to share my discoveries with you. Please check out their sites, blogs, shops, etc. It is worth your time!

Nina (featherheart on Etsy) makes the most extraordinary dragons! Her other fantasy creatures and animals are also wonderfully made. The bright color combinations and structural details are really amazing. Please check out her main website as well as her flickr photos.

AusieFelts (aussiefelts on Etsy) makes the most adorable little critters! Her koala makes me want to give it a big hug. She also creates the cutest bears, bunnies, lions, cats, and more. Each animal seems to have a personality and life of its own. And, did I mention how amazingly cute they are? Please visit her blog, her website, and her flickr photos.

Finally, there's this image of a needle felted bull terrier by hel62 on flickr. I couldn't find any other links to a website or blog for it, but I just had to share it with you. It is one of the most amazingly realistic needle felted creatures that I've ever seen! I actually thought it was a real dog when I first saw it. Please look at hel62's flickr photos to see the cutie pie dog that the needle felted model is based on.


  1. These are all WAY too cute!! It's amazing how much detail can be achieved in these things. Thanks for sharing your awesome finds!

  2. What great finds, my compliments to you and all the great fiber artists with the patience and talent to needle felt. I've tried it but the results weren't picture worthy.

  3. Unbelievable.. the bull !!!! look at the nails.
    A long for me to go

    greeting Pien

  4. These are amazing! Thanks for sharing.


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